5-year membership (+ annual credits)

Sale price$1,000.00


the 5-year membership includes:

  • 5 years of auto-renewing annual membership and all the perks
  • 5 years of $100 annual credit to spend in the shop
  • invitation to an exclusive pre-opening tour & happy hour
  • all other store membership perks such as free local delivery, early access to events, and our coming-soon iOS app. 

why choose the 5-year membership?

as part of an exclusive pre-launch offering, we're offering a five-year membership to help offset a portion of our opening costs.

basically, this option allows you to front-load your first five years of annual membership renewals ($99/yr). plus a $100 credit for each of the first 5 years ($500) to round out that $1,000. 

so if you plan on supporting neighbor with your presence and payments, this just frontloads that spending with some pretty sweet bonus perks.

help us get the neighborhood started by purchasing a five-year membership.


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