allow us to introduce ourselves

we are joey and ginny honescko. we live, work, play, and are raising our family in the heart of downtown mckinney. over the past 11 years we have built our community in downtown mckinney, and we are so excited to open up a storefront in the place we call home.

we can’t wait to read with you. gather with you. sip coffee and tea with you. and make new memories together. we're thrilled to be your neighbors...

people tend to think a local bookstore is irrelevant in an amazon-driven world. but we beg to differ. we believe in the power of a neighborhood and the neighbors who make it special.

local living is idealistic: it's good for humanity, good for the community, and good for our neighbors. but couldn't local living also offer some of the same conveniences and savings of the modern world?

we think it can, but it takes the whole neighborhood to make it possible.