Great Book of Basketball: Interesting Facts and Sports Stories

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Are you looking for a one of the NBA best basketball books? One that is chock full of sports stories, like how the ABA influenced today's NBA game? Or maybe random facts about the 1992 NBA Dream Team?

Well, look no further. Proudly presenting The Great Book of Basketball, a book full of trivia questions that deal with six decades of stories that will make for fun reading and maybe create a couple of bar bets or two. And hopefully, maybe settle one or two in your favor.

This is sure to be one of the best NBA basketball books out there, whether you're in the mood to learn about how Julius Erving shifted the landscape of the ABA, digging in on the Celtics dynasties of the 1950 and 1960s, this book has a little bit of everything and goes beyond the surface of simply what was popular.

And did we mention trivia questions? Of course we did! And they aren't your run of the mill, everyone knows the answer off the top of their head sports trivia. You'll be challenged, you'll kick yourself for not knowing an answer or two, but you definitely won't be bored by these questions.

Whether it's learning about "The Dunk of Death" or a little more about the early pioneers of the NBA, The Great Book of Basketball has a little something for everyone who is a fan of the orange roundie. From MJ to Magic and from LeBron to Larry Legend, there's some stories and stats that will make you think and make you laugh.

So get your copy of The Great Book of Basketball today!

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