Great Book of Soccer: Interesting Facts and Sports Stories

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No sport in the world gets as much attention as soccer. Whether it is television, internet or hard print, soccer dominates sports coverage throughout the world. People scan the coverage for news, especially of their favorite club, however long their allegiance has been established. Not everyone knows the history of the game, its origins and the interesting stories that have emerged over the years. Here is a handy e-book that helps to fill that void in knowledge; easily readable and not too overwhelming in statistics.

It may just be a starting point for really keen fans who will find plenty that might inspire them to research in greater detail. Learn about the man who stood in third class rail to get to Glasgow to play for Great Britain just after World War II or the African soccer superstar that has just be voted in as President of his Country.

The face of soccer is certainly changing as more and more finance is being attracted from television and sponsorship. With finance has come a level of corruption and there have been a number of corruption trials already; an interesting subject for research in itself and a story that is far from finished yet.

The book gives some general thoughts on the future and readers will certainly have their own thoughts, especially if they are armed with more information on the Game, information they may well get in the pages of '' The Great Book of Soccer.''

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